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Fortman Group

ChromaStock 13823887 no logo 250px   Fortman-Group employment agency was established in 2007 and since that time it has been involved in the broadly defined employment services. Year after year we expand our activity. We use professional ways of connecting jobseekers and employers. During a recruitment process we make use of the specialised ways of selecting, preparing of the employees and taking care of them, as well as the entire hiring process.

   The services that we render are intended for the large and small enterprises and the work we perform bears the hallmarks of the high ethics. Our proposal is connected with fulfilling requirements and expectations of our Clients whom we treat exceptionally and individually. This is because we respect our Counterparties and we acquaint with their standards. Our employees represent the companies which commission them to us, as well as their own parent company. Therefore we can determine, with full responsibility, that our work is executed in the accountable and reliable manner.

   We also undertake to meet the rules of equal treatment of the employees, do not discriminate them for any reason so that they feel respected by us and due to that our Counterparties also are involved in a promotion of gender equality in the workplace. We are proud of our company and its employees because our size is connected with adjustment of these what is offered by us to the demand and requirements of our Counterparties, and a cooperation with us is based on a partnership. The manner of providing the recruitment process is linked to a fact that the employees selected by us are able to adapt to the requirements which are set behind them in their new jobs and they support their employers by a reliable task performance. To sum up: we fulfil the obligations commissioned by the Counterparties as a matter of urgency. Our employees are committed to an execution of the commissioned tasks and we are guided in our work by a high level of competency what is confirmed by the unabated flow of the new ordering parties and employees.


Our Adress:

ul. Pszenna 39A
70-780 Szczecin
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